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Wedding Cake weed is an indica dominant hybrid which is a cross of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). However, a few well-known and respected budsmen believe it is actually a cross of Animal Mints and Triangle Kush. The strain was bred in Southern California initially, but a breeder called Kind Love helped bring it to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

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It is not easy to get your hands-on Wedding Cake seeds, and because the cultivators of this strain have not shared the secrets of this strain, growing it may be a case of trial and error. Your best option is to obtain a cutting from a female plant.

Users of Wedding Cake know it is a heavy hitter and lab tests have revealed versions of this strain with a THC content of 27%! We have written before about how a strain’s THC content doesn’t necessarily provide the high you expect.

However, Wedding Cake is every bit as potent as its lab report suggests; arguably more so! We DO NOT recommend this strain if you are a weed-smoking novice. It can send you into dreamland before you know what it is happening!Wedding Cake is an extremely potent strain and is probably NOT the best option for an after-wedding party toke unless you plan on going home soon after. You will probably feel a mildly psychedelic high and users report seeing everything in ‘high definition’! It sounds like a potentially terrifying feeling, but fortunately, this strain helps calm you down and is an excellent choice if you want to feel relaxed.

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