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These buds produce a robust piney aroma with a warm earthy with a spicy tingle to the tongue upon exhaling. Violator’s buds are bright green with orange hairs laced throughout the nugs. These nugs are covered in sticky crystals that shimmer in the light and are sure to impress even the pickiest of herb connoisseurs.

Violator is a total creeper as you may feel minimal effects immediately after consuming, but before you know it you are in a deep state of relaxation. Expect your buzz to first feel euphoric and lazy followed by a burst of cerebral energy. Some users even describe the high as one that is positive, happy, and completely paranoid and anxiety free. The high then progresses into a serious case of the munchies and a strong desire to find a couch or bed to lay down.


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OZ(28 GRAMS), QP(114 GRAMS), HP(228 GRAMS), P(454 GRAMS)


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