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Tora Bora Strain: An Introduction

Named after a complex cave system in Eastern Afghanistan that once was a stronghold of the Taliban in the 1980s, Tora Bora weed is just as dangerous, but in a good way.

Standing at 100% indica, the Tora Bora cannabis strain is perfect for sleepy nights.   It boasts an average THC of 20% and has tested anywhere between 17-22%.  The CBD count is very low at an average of 0.2%.

This marijuana strain originated in California when DNA Genetics took the LA Confidential Strain and crossed it with Reserva Privada’s  x18 Pakistani strain.

LA Confidential weed is 90% indica and 10% sativa and has an average THC of 22%.  It won 1st place in High Times Cannabis Cup in 2008 for best indica and was High Times strain of the year in 2006. You can be sure you are getting good genetics with Tora Bora weed.

Like the Tora Bora strain, X18 Pakistani is a full indica strain.  It only averages between 10-15% THC levels, but be assured, the narcotic, body high makes it feel much more potent.

Tora Bora Strain: Appearance

Tora Bora buds are dense and forest green just like its X18 Pakistani parent.  However, this cannabis strain possess a longer and more fluffy shape than normal indicas.  These buds are coated in large and resinous trichomes that make the buds super sticky. Some phenotypes have been said to possess a slight blue tint to the buds.

Tora Bora Strain: Scent

The smell of the Tora Bora strain is heavily influenced by its parents.  It gets its earthy and spicy aroma from both parents, but with slightly more influence from the LA Confidential strain.  Tora Bora weed tends to smell more on the sweeter side, with hints of candy and fruit.

Tora Bora Strain: Taste

Tora Bora weed tastes of sweet and hashy undertones with hints of pine, very similar to LA Confidential. Its X18 Pakistani genetics passed on its herbal and spicy flavor.  However, the Tora Bora strain has a more berry and earthy taste that makes it unique.

Tora Bora Strain: Positive Effects

Much like its indica parents, Tora Bora weed tends to make users extremely relaxed, and very sleepy and sedated.  A perfect cannabis strain to use at night when you have nothing important that needs to be done.

This marijuana strain also makes users feel through the roof happy, and very euphoric.  Some reviewers claim it increased their hunger and some even said it helped them focus

Tora Bora Strain: Medical Benefits

Most Medical Marijuana users choose the Tora Bora strain for its full indica properties.  The main use seems to be for aches and pains where users claim it works wonders. Another main use is to aid in the battle against insomnia.  Others have reported to use this cannabis strain to treat ADD/ADHD, muscle spasms and stress.

Tora Bora Strain: Side Effects

Normal to most cannabis strains, dehydration and cottonmouth are a common side effect of Tora Bora weed.  Dry and red eyes are also a common problem. To offset these negative effects, make sure to drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself well hydrated.

With this potent cannabis strain, it is recommended that newcomers start off slow and work their way up.  Some users have reported feeling anxious when taking too much. Others have reported headaches, which are not uncommon side effects from strong indicas.   However, a good thing is that these negative effects normally are not serious and subside rather quickly. So if you experience any of these symptoms, just stay calm and relaxed and try to enjoy yourself knowing everything will be alright!

Being fully indica, the Tora Bora strain induces as strong sense of  laziness and couchlock, so make sure have nothing important to do before you indulge.

Tora Bora Strain: Grow Information

An easy to grow weed strain, when grown indoors, the Tora Bora strain is a medium sized cannabis plant that takes 8-9 weeks to flower, providing a modest yield.

Outdoor growers can expect to harvest a medium yield from a medium sized plant in early to mid October.

Tora Bora Strain: In Conclusion

Coming from strong genetics passed on from the LA Confidential strain, Tora Bora weed is sure to please your taste buds and excite your olfactory senses.  This cannabis strain is perfect for nighttime use and wipe away all your worries while working hard to put you to sleep.

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