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A rainbow colored cannabis strain might sound just too good to be true, but Rainbow Kush manages to bring the impossible into reality with its glimmering shades that derive straight from Mother Nature and act as living evidence to just how profound she can be. Derived from the brilliant Spanish breeders over at Lifetime Seeds, they somehow managed to produce this masterpiece which has grown in popularity not only for its brilliant display of picture-perfect shades, but also due to its potent medicinal high and deliciously sweet yet fruity and piney flavor.

With the entire spectrum of rainbow pigments appearing near the time of flowering, watching the growing process of this strain is equally as magical because it suddenly transforms from plain shades of classic “cannabis green,” to a magnificent display of sheer vibrance.

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Categorized as a 50/50 Indica and Sativa strain, this hybrid is actually a well-balanced and medicinal option, developed in Spain by Lifetime Seeds through the process of crossing Dancehall hybrid with Blueberry Indica. Sticky to the touch and packed full of high-inducing THC, you do not have to search somewhere over the rainbow to find a marijuana option as magical as this one.

Although not available at all dispensaries throughout North America, some pot shops have been carrying Rainbow Kush, and this cannabis has also grown to become a regular at many different Amsterdam coffee shops. Even if not the strongest strain on the market, ranking in at just above average with a 17% THC content and 1% CBD content, other aspects make up for Rainbow Kush’s only slightly above average potency.

One important thing to note, even if this marijuana is beautiful and stunningly colorful, is that pictures you’ll find on the internet do not accurately represent its actual appearance. For example, many of them have been edited and enhanced to make Rainbow Kush appear better than it actually is in real life. Nevertheless, it is still a stunning strain – just don’t be surprised if what shows up in your jar isn’t like what you have seen on the internet.

Notorious for its pine smell that features hints of fruity sweetness and even a little bit of skunk, Rainbow Kush’s scent is pungent and can usually be noticed as soon as the container its buds are in is opened. With that being said, many consumers of this marijuana strain love its smell, sometimes even coming back for more specifically because of this factor.

Also, the flavor is sometimes similar although new elements can often be detected depending on growing conditions, specific genetics of the strain, etc. Because of its Blueberry genetic influence, RK can be reminiscent of a fruity or even berry-like flavor, with some of the earthy pine mixed in. Its flavor definitely impacts the taste buds in a pleasant manner, along with being especially satisfying. The aftertaste from the smoke can feel coffee-like or even spicy, developing a unique blend of flavors and an outlandish taste profile.

Appearance-wise Rainbow Kush is quite sticky to the touch, with plenty of glimmering crystals coating the magnificent, rainbow buds. Much as the name implies, the sugar leaves are various shades that are an incredible sight to see, although like we said maybe not exactly like the enhanced images you’ve seen on the internet. The leaves are present in shades of fiery and warm oranges, reds, pinks, and yellows, with other patches appearing as cool-toned blues, greens, purples, and even hints of white.

Certainly one of the most colorful cannabis types available in the world, the plant itself is of a medium to tall stature, with few leaves that branch out. This makes the growing experience a bit neat because the crop itself isn’t always in serious need of trimming. Also, the buds themselves are dense and pack a punch, typically growing a bit longer than some of the more “circular” flowers you can discover on the market.

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    This rainbow kush is great gotta everything u need

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