It is our pleasure to offer this stunning indica dominant bud that is as popular as it is rare. Named after the infamous government sponsored mind control experiments, this strain is known to pack a powerful high that will clear your mind. MK Ultra is a cross between the indica G13 and OG Kush. This strain is best for anyone wanting to zone out and enter a deep state of relaxation.

10 Grams of MK Ultra

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MK Ultra is a must see, with its deep green color buds, never-ending dark orange hairs, and thick canopy of trichomes. You may find yourself gazing at these buds for extended periods of time, you may even hesitate to bust up these buds out of respect to its beauty. Rest assure, these buds are as fun to consume as they are too look at. MK Ultra offers a well balanced, powerful and uplifting high that is sure to impress anyone.

Once you grind MK Ultras buds you will be met with a strong odor permeating out of the sticky dark colored herb. People often describe MK Ultras taste as a peppery aroma with sweet hints of fruit and citrus. As you exhale you will notice a strong aroma that is robust yet somehow smooth. In short, if this strain is available, we recommend you adding it to your cart, you will not be disappointed.

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OZ(28 GRAMS), QP(114 GRAMS), HP(228 GRAMS), P(454 GRAMS)


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