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Effects: relaxation, happiness, body high, increased appetite, euphoric mood, uplifted mood, creative vibe, dry mouth, dry eyes

May Relieve: depression, stress, headaches, pain, chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, lack of appetite

The Mataro Blue marijuana strain is a rare indica-dominant hybrid that comes packed with an insane level of THC, reaching up to 24% on average. Created by crossing three classic strains: Blue Monster, Black Domina, and Mazar I Sharif,  Mataro Blue will impress you with its big and gorgeous blueberry buds and outstanding coat of fruity resin.

Mataro Blue comes with a 70/30 indica/sativa ratio and is one of the most potent indica varieties you can find. The hybrid offers both soothing and sedative effects, which makes it ideal for deep relaxation at the end of the day. In fact, Mataro Blue is a perfect choice if you’re looking for something to roll up in the evening to relieve any tension or stress. When it comes to side effects, Mataro Blue is extremely potent, which means it may be too much for lightweight smokers. When consumed in higher doses, it may lead to paranoia in some users, but it can also cause dry eyes and dry mouth.

This indica-dominant hybrid strain has a gorgeous smell of blueberry muffins, combined with some earthy hints. The fragrance is very strong, and you can scent these tasty buds from a mile away! With such amazing levels of trichomes and resin, Mataro Blue is a dream strain for extract or hash lovers. These products will have a unique, strong berry aroma. When inhaling, you can smell the strong berry fragrance. The Mataro Blue marijuana strain smells like berries whether you break them apart or squeeze.

As for its flavor, Mataro Blue tastes a lot as it smells – you can detect a delicious flavor of sugar and blueberry muffins. When vaped, this strain tastes a bit like tangy berries with sweet vanilla undertones. This strain has won the Cannabis Cup back in 2012 for both flavor and quality.

Mataro Blue is an amazing strain not only because of its great terpene profile but also due to the insanely gorgeous buds, covered with beautiful orange pistils and generously coated with a shiny blanket of crystal trichomes.

The Mataro Blue hybrid strain is a great medical marijuana choice, especially for those dealing with pain. This indica-dominant hybrid will help you with relaxation and stress relief. Moreover, it’s recommended for minimizing anxiety issues. Mataro Blue is also perfect for relieving PTSD, stress, and depression. For those of you dealing with serious headaches or migraines, keep in mind that Mataro Blue is an ideal pain-reliever and can help you get rid of any pains and aches, allowing you to get back to your daily activities.

Because of its high levels of THC, the Mataro Blue marijuana strain is a perfect sedative bud that will allow you to unwind and easily fall asleep after a long day at work. Additionally, many users claim it’s ideal for relieving fatigue and muscle aches. Due to its appetite increasing properties, Mataro Blue may be the best choice for those fighting eating-related disorders.

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