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Darkside OG Cannabis Strain Review

Effects: Euphoric, happy, relaxed, sleepy

May Relieve: Pain, seizures, eye pressure, insomnia

Welcome to the Darkside; Darkside OG, that is, and this hard-hitting cannabis strain is the slam dunk hybrid between Dark Star OG and Rug Burn OG that originates from the Centennial State of Colorado. But beware, consumers report this mile-high strain to put you into a sedative, euphoric state that makes you feel like you’re sitting atop the Rocky Mountains looking down on the clouds. In this review of Darkside OG, we will tell you everything you need to know about the strain, including its origin, appearance, flavor, effects, benefits, and downsides.

What exactly is the Darkside OG Marijuana Strain?

Originating from Colorado Seed Inc labs, breeders developed this potent kush by crossing Dark Star OG and Rug Burn OG, which is where the strain gets its name. It rings in with an average THC percentage of 16-19%, with some rare reports indicating it much higher at nearly 30%. This potent indica is well-known for putting you in a sedated, euphoric state that comes with a washing wave of bliss. But don’t be fooled, Darkside OG is additionally known for the comatose like sleepy state it puts you in, and can potentially be extremely beneficial to those that have insomnia or other sleep-related ailments.

Dark Star OG, it’s parent strain that the name derives from, is a slow-growing, darker colored indica that is known widely for its comatose like calming effect on the body. The slow-growing process is said to come as a challenge to growers as it adds to the complication of adequately raising and harvesting the cannabis plant. Rug Burn OG is the other parent strain that is an award-winning hybrid placing 3rd in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup. Rug Burn OG is known for having an uplifting, energizing effect that further got it listed on the High Times list of Earth’s Strongest Strains in 2014. Generations of great genetics are passed down from both parents to Darkside OG, making it a premium, top tier strain. The real ‘Rocky Mountain high.’

Darkside OG: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

Darkside OG  buds are known for their long leaves and dark green coloring that’s complemented by bright orange hairs and a plethora of sugary crystals sure to knock a fat lump of kief into the bottom of your grinder. You can expect a floral aroma, something like that of a ‘dank meadow’ to tickle your nostrils with a hint of lemon and rich earthiness to garnish. The smoke from the burning flower of Darkside is reported by consumers to give off citrus, fruity scents that still harbor the earthy richness given off by the buds.

Darkside OG Effects

Don’t expect to be too productive on this strain, because it will likely put you ‘indi-couch.’ Consumers report experiencing a strong, warming haze that consumes the body and puts you down for the count. You can expect a smile on your face throughout the experience as ‘happiness’ is reported as one of the top strain effects. If you’ve got something important or labor-intensive to do, this one might not be for you as it is known for being a keen sleep aid for some insomniacs. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the warming body high and relaxing euphoria that this champion strain will deliver.

Medical Advantages of Darkside OG

Because of the numbing and warming body high, Darkside OG may be beneficial to consumers experiencing pain or seizures. Some consumers have reported using the strain to alleviate eye pressure as well. If you are having issues sleeping, like most indica strains, consumers say that Darkside OG will tuck you into bed and put you right to sleep. The strain is known for a plethora of great things, but being energetic is nowhere on its resume.

Possible Side Effects

The only side effects that consumers have reported on Darkside OG are dizziness and dry eyes. Now, the dizziness is common in a sedated, euphoric state where everything can almost become too intense an experience, though most consumers say the dizziness wears off rather quickly. As for dry eyes, Darkside OG is also said to alleviate eye pain, so it may potentially be a weighing against dry eyes vs. eye pain. Either way, the side effects are moot.

Final Thoughts

Darkside OG can be an excellent strain for someone with a higher tolerance to marijuana or may be beneficial to someone that is suffering from pain, seizures, or sleeplessness, as stated above. This strain likely should be planned to be consumed at or around nighttime as you’re probably going to get sleepy and be glued down to the couch. I wouldn’t recommend consuming this monster strain before you attempt to tackle a big pile of work, especially work that requires physical labor. Good luck!

But if you are looking for something to make your movie night more interesting, or need help getting through pain or sleeplessness, this strain can potentially work wonders for you as many consumers report. The parent strains of Darkside OG, Dark Star OG, and Rug Burn OG are two award-winning champion strains that have proven to rub off their top tier genetics to their offspring. Darkside OG is still a relatively new strain that is yet to win any awards itself, but if it’s anything like mom and dad, we can expect nothing but the best for the future!

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