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Effects: Happy, energetic, euphoric, creative

May Relieve: Stress, pain, depression

Every smoke session could be considered a birthday gift because this definitely a strain just keeps on giving.

This social setting strain is popular among groups of smokers as everything appears to be a lot funnier than usual. It creates the perfect segway into first introductions and places or in larger crowds because of its optimistic effects. Most consumers will find themselves attracted to the given name and find that its worthy enough to put on a list of strain favorites. It’s easy to believe that Cake Frosting is a small-time cannabis strain but don’t let the name fool you because this herb has all the works. Cake Frosting is known for its appetizing sweet flavor and aroma, genetics and best of all for its advantages, which we’ll now jump right into.

What Exactly is the Cake Frosting Marijuana Strain?

Also known as Birthday Cake OG or Birthday Cake, Cake Frosting is a cannabis strain that is appreciated for its classic genetics. Combined with the likes of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies and the Cherry Pie strain, Cake Frosting is easily represented well. It is a well-balanced hybrid with a distinctive terpene and cannabinoid structure making it an ideal strain for any consumer. The THC concentration level can be measured at a whopping 25%, which is utterly impressive. Its parent Cherry Pie as an individual strain has the tendency to linger, causing the high to last for hours.

This is an exciting feature as part of Cake Frosting for many smokers because usually the longer the high, the more there is to enjoy about the cannabis strain. The combining of the cannabis communities’ very own popular Girl Scout Cookies makes this strain that much more favored. Many veteran smokers know that any strain composed with Girl Scout Cookies is a winner.

Cake Frosting: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma 

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