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Effects: increased energy, euphoria, relaxation, improved focus, sedation, happiness, sleepiness, increased appetite, dry eyes, dry mouth, chattiness

May Relieve: anxiety, depression, pain, migraines, ADD/ADHD, stress, insomnia, lack of appetite, headaches, chronic pain, arthritis, trouble sleeping

Black Mamba is an indica-dominant hybrid with a 70%/30% indica/sativa ratio. Created by crossing Domina with Blue Bubblejuice, this impressive indica leaning variety comes with a nice level of THC ranging between 13% and 25% on average. With such great genetics, Black Mamba comes with some mind-blowing and long-lasting effects accompanied by an impressive terpene profile.

The hybrid shows off with incredibly dark green flowers with some purple hues. These interestingly colored buds have a spherical shape and are small to medium in size. Black Mamba’s buds are beautifully covered with cloudy white trichomes that make them extremely sticky and hard to break up by hand.

The Black Mamba marijuana strain comes with an unforgettable aroma of sweet and sour grapes enhanced by some pine and earthy notes. When grinding the bud, you’ll smell a more herbal aroma. When smoking it, Black Mamba gives off a sweet grape-like tasting smoke that is surprisingly smooth and delicate. However, the smoke is also very pungent and skunky on the exhale.

Black Mamba hits fast and hard, starting with an enhanced perception, where both sounds and visuals seem more intense. You can also feel increased energy and a nice creative vibe, which can be beneficial if you need to accomplish your daily tasks like running errands, some creative work, or even regular house cleaning. On the other hand, Black Mamba can also induce a typical indica set of effects that cause a strong body high that can be powerful, but not overwhelming.

In high amounts, the Black Mamba marijuana strain may even induce trippy effects that can be perfectly enjoyable during parties and other social activities. Although it’s an indica-dominant hybrid, Black Mamba it’s recommended for both daytime and evening use, as it may give users some energetic vibes and increased focus.

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